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DermoSight Clients can range from both public to private and include a multitude of different establishments. From pharmacies, NHS and private GP surgeries, employee benefit programmes, occupational health and many more. 
The main difference between public and private clients is the many different referral pathways. We are able to adhere to your individual needs.

Our ultimate goal is to utilise technology to promote the early detection of skin cancer and skin diseases, saving time, money and most importantly people’s lives around the world. This will minimise the number of unnecessary biopsies and missed cases of Malignant Melanoma.

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DermoSight is recommended for use by GPs and practice nurses prior to referring any patient with a suspect skin lesion to secondary care under the Faster Diagnosis Standard (FDS) . DermoSight allows GPs to access to a remote dermatology service, improving patient results and care.

The service also ensures compliance with NICE Guidelines [NG14], which recommend that all pigmented skin lesions that are referred for investigation should be assessed ‘using dermoscopy carried out by healthcare professionals trained in this technique.’

Patient Journey

Step 1

Patient is worried about lesion/ skin condition

Step 2

Patient to see a HCP at practice/ community hub.

Step 3

HCP to ask patient a series of pre-populated questions & use the DermoSight solution (take images with our innovative camera)

Step 4

Dermatologists access information to analyse and write a report with recommendations within 72 hours.

Step 5

The HCP will receive report and can relay to patient (reassure patient, write prescription or refer patient under the FDS)

Several teledermatology solutions enable easy capture, store and forward of images taken by a mobile phone to get a doctor’s assessment for treatment advice. A teledermoscopy solution like DermoSight not only provides the clinical image, but also a high quality dermatoscopic image, enabling the specialist to determine whether a lesion is suspicious for cancer or not.

Solution Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Each user has an individual user ID and password to remotely access the cloud based platform.

You can install the system straight from the online portal to your Windows based computer. It is very quick and easy.

Currently, the camera can connect to computers via USB. Before you start to use the DermoSight camera, you need to have the driver and the software installed to your PC in order to be able to take images in the system.

You need to take two different images of each lesion. The first is a “Clinical image” from a distance using a stabilizer arm. The second is a “Dermatoscopic image” a close-up image using the bespoke dermatoscopic lens. This lens magnifies and brightens the lesion for consultant evaluation. 

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