DermoSight Technology Explained

The DermoSight TeleDermoscopy Solution is made to support doctors, dermatologists, hospitals and patients by assessing skin problems quickly, safely and with high quality.

The solution is accessed through a web-based portal, includes the dermatoscopic camera and the cloud based storage.
A subscription based solution that you do not own, means that all updates on the portal are free.
You benefit from the best and most up to date solution!

DermoSight Camera:

The device has been developed in collaboration with experts in dermatoscopes and imaging technology as well as dermatologists experienced in teledermoscopy. The DermoSigth device is a polarizing dermatoscopic camera designed to distinguishing the difference between benign and malignant skin lesions, especially in the diagnosis of melanoma.


The device works with associated video capture and analysis software DermoSight. A camera inside the device takes real-time video, and the software displays the image. This display lets the user place the device accurately on a lesion. Digital images can be examined and stored using the software, and later compared to images obtained during the patient’s next visit.

The device is non-invasive and has no requirement for sterility. 

The device is also developed to be used in conjuction with DXH optical transfer diagnosis (OTD), an AI tool created for desicion support when  inspecting lesions.

Technical details

Cloud storage

The DermoSight solution is running on secure servers allowing patient information to be stored safely, but still be assessible 24/7 for the authorised users. 

– MS Sql servers hosted on the secure Azure platform
– Servers placed in Europe for european clients.
– Separate servers can be provided on request

– Cyber Security complient

Dermatoscope Camera

The DermoSight Camera and assosiated software is a Class 1, CE marked medical device. With its standardised settings and processes, the imaging is easy for the user, providing the reader with high quality images every time! 

– CE MDR / UKCA approved
– 5 MPix – hign quality camera
– RGB images
– 12 led lights included in the dermatoscopic lens
– Clinical imaging as well as dermatoscopic images

Web portal

The DermoSight web portal is developed to support the teledermoscopy process of our different clients. The standardised process of collecting importaint information and images enables dermatologist to efficiently analyse the cases with high accuracy.

– 2 factor authentication method
– Role bases information sharing
– Second opinion function
– Standard report templates
– Questionnairs supporting different pathways and services
– Flexible to support customized processes when requested
– Multi-lingual

– API available to connect to ERS
– Developed on / MVC 5 framework supported by Azure Services

– Development useing the Scrum structure based on ISO 27001/ISO 9001  

Is the DermoSight Solution secure?

The DermoSight Database is a MS Sql server. Web based software developed on / MVC 5 framework. The software and data is hosted securely in Azure Services. The DermoSight Solution uses a 2 factor authentication method. Including secure passwords and one time access codes. The Solution is multi-lingual, can host multiple images, a second opinion function and the ability to produce PDF-reports. DermoSight has obtained the CE-mark for the European region – Class 1 Integratable to different NHS platforms e.g. ERS.

DermoSight PC/System
DermoSight PC/System