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How can the DermoSight Solution fit in with your practice? What are the different levels to the DermoSight Solution that we can offer?

Where does the DermoSight Solution fit?

Almost anywhere! The solution can fit in a NHS GP surgery, Private GP’s, Hospitals, Health Insurance companies, employee benefits, occupational health and many more!

Utilize the dermoscopy solution as a tool within your organisation

The DermoSight System & Dermatoscope can be subscribed as a technical tool on its own. Where your practice ensure the analysis to the cases are carried out by your own clinicians.

Use DermoSight to get access to a high quality assessment service

The DermoSight System, Dermatoscope and a Dermatology Advice & Guidance Service can be purchased as a package. DXH will ensure the cases are assessed and reported back into the system, enabling you to deliver the outcome to your patients .

There is a DermoSight subscription to fit everyone. We can meet your needs:

Monthly payment
Patient management
Image comparison
Data storage /consultations included per month2050125To be agreed
Clinical images
Dermatoscope images
Consistent imaging quality
Assessment reports structure (PDF)StandardStandardStandardStandard or bespoke
Users included2510unlimited
Consistent technical aid
API connection - on request
DermoSight assessment service (add on service on demand)
The DermoSight Solution has been running in a medium sized CCG since 2020. Over a 12-month period we have collated the data found from utilising our solution.
88% of all submissions were considered appropriate for management in primary care.

DermoSight HCA user 2021

The training was great. I had an hour long ‘Teams’ call with the support team who showed me around the whole site and how things worked with the camera. The ‘Teams’ call allowed me to practice using the camera in real time. This practice made me feel so much happier when I tried it out on my first patient.  

The system is so easy to use. It is very self explanatory and everything you need to do or input is shown clearly. The video on the homepage is a great recap if you ever forget something, and also the team at DermoSight are always there if you need to know anything. It is easy and quick to use, and we are able to provide so much more information for the consultant when they are looking at the pictures.

The reports are really easy to read and interpret which makes it easier for the GP’s to provide a quick response for the patients. I love how the anlaysis and images are shown on one report which allows me to remind myself of the lesion I scanned. The support provided by the team at DermoSight is amazing! There is always someone there to answer my questions or queries as soon as they arise. As well as that, it is so helpful when they send the emails letting me know that the reports are ready to be actioned

Consultant Dermatologist Dr.Sandra Varga 2022

‘I have been working with the DermoSight Teledermoscopy Solution for more than 2 years. This platform offers good quality questionnaires and easy access to multiple photos macro and dermoscopy. Which can be accessed with one click without a need to open multiple browsers or windows. The new feature to compare new and old scans is very handy especially when following up/monitoring lesions. The accuracy of the assessment depends on the quality of the photos taken, hence the need for high quality imagery which this systems offers. Users are easliy trained to get the best clinical outcome.

To summarize, compared to other systems that I have been working with, this platform has all the information and images within one open window which speeds up the navigation through multiple photos, compares old and new photos. The admin staff are always helpful and lend a hand if there are any technical or other difficulties.’

From a patient who has accessed the service.

“I found the mole scanning service online. It was easy to make an appointment and the whole process was spot on. The results from the consultation suggested that I make an appointment to see a Dermatologist. I have had two surgeries since. The results showed that I had a Melanoma in situ. 

I tell people about this service all the time. Even the Doctors receptionists were unaware of it. 

In these days of the NHS being so overwhelmed this is a straightforward and easy alternative service. 

Thank you for a really reliable, affordable, efficient and accessible service.”

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