Superior TeleDermoscopy medical device by DeepX Health


With DermoSight, you see beneath the skin to improve patient care and save lives. Our ultimate goal at DXH is to utilise technology to promote the early detection of skin cancer and skin diseases saving time, money and most importantly people’s lives around the world.  This in turn will minimise the number of inappropriate biopsies and fewer missed cases of Malignant Melanoma.

DermoSight enables you to see beneath the skin to improve patient care and save lives.

The DermoSight TeleDermoscopy solution is a certified medical device made to support doctors, dermatologists and hospitals to efficiently handle the increasing number of lesions and skin conditions that are to be diagnosed quickly, safely and with high quality.

Its features are: 

Cost savings
Rapid diagnostic tool
Reduces the amount of unnecessary referrals to secondary care
Flexiblity to use in any health care setting and community pharmacy
Certified medical device tailored for teledermoscopy
High quality images & easy to use

The DermoSight Solution is developed by a team of experts working in the DeepXHealth group.

Everybody Wins

with cost savings in fees, travel costs, pain, scarring and anxiety

by reduction of costs troughout the pathway

as capturing of the images can be performed by HCA’s and because of the easy access to Advice & Guidance from a specialist.

 as patients referred will be more likely to actually need a biopsy & definitive treatment

Early detection is key to save lives.

Our technology promotes early detection, reduces waiting lists, unnecessary biopsies and missed cases of skin cancer,  and saves money to the NHS.

Did you know?

There are around 16400 new cases of melanoma skin cancer each year (2018-2018 average, UK)

survive for 10 or more years
0 %
of cases are preventable
0 %
Around 13 million primary care consultations for skin yearly. British skin foundation (Feb 2021).
Dermatology services receive more urgent referrals for suspected cancer than any other specialty.*
About half of the one million dermatology referrals per year are suspected skin cancer two-week wait referrals*
Patients diagnosed with melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma make up about 6% of all two-week wait skin referrals.*
A significant proportion of patients referred have non-relevant skin lesions.

The Dermatology Pathway

Referrals of patients with skin lesions to secondary care under the urgent 28 day cancer pathway are increasing, incurring rising costs for ICB’s and placing significant strain on already stretched waiting times.

Around 70% of those referrals could be avoided if GPs had access to a rapid teledermoscopy service for skin lesions.

DermoSight medical device provides GPs with rapid diagnosis within 72 hours by specialist dermotologists expert in lesions and skin conditions.

The DermoSight Solution helps GPs reduce avoidable referrals to secondary care. It is recommended for use by GPs, nurses, HCAs and pharmacists prior to referring any patients with a suspicious skin lesion to secondary care under the Faster Diagnosis Standard.